Memory_that’s never coming home

I wasn’t really sad, the way we departed. Actually, I was hurt, just so badly and was devastated that I couldn’t even cry, though how bad I wanted to. I learned harder way, even my own teardrops won’t come when I wished for, how could I imagine he would show up when I miss him every time.

There was no good bye, he just walked out of my life and drove away. I tried so hard to understand what happened?, how could he be away, someone once who had been so close, now nowhere to be seen. For him, I now belong to a far away place from his heart and still, he is as usual just so close to my heart. Me, to have a smile, his mere memory is just enough but I want his presence.

Deep in my heart, I wish he to be back someday. As I enter our room, every corner, I sense him. After he left, I never slept in that room. But every night I lit the lights on, just hoping, if only he happens to pass through the roads and see the windows glowing and he might drop the idea of leaving and come back. Its a everynight everyday talking memory which is never coming home. Still, I weave the dream of his returning.

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Copyright Β© 2018 Nirja Gelal, Beans, Pen & Nirja – All Rights Reserved


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