The girl with yellow scarf

I have seen her smile for others happiness

I too have seen her shed tears for no reasons

she has been bold
but even a slight storm could shatter her into pieces
but she is tough enough to stand back on her feet to bounce back

She is a girl with no high ambition
small smiles makes her day
and she wants to be happy with peace of mind
she wants to have peaceful sleepy nights

She always longed for warmth even it be the hottest summer or the coldest winter
she believed the people who came in her life
despite the fact she knew they were not true to her
she gave chances to them hurting ownself
maybe she had no any option
may be even temporary presence gave her little happiness
because may be that was only her fate to live with slight happiness

Yet, she is happy, she is sad
she is lonely
The girl with yellow scarf


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