I still hear it

Whenever I hear any voice

Which come from darkness

I open my eyes

N wake up from bed

Thinking that it is of yours

To see u, I look around

But, all in vain, there would be no one

Except darkness

But, I still hear your voice

I still hear it


The voice which comes from the darkness

I still hear it

Thinking that it is of yours

As if u are calling my name

I still hear it

But, I know it is not u


I know it isn’t u

U are very far from me

U will now never come back

Coz, I was not with u

When u needed me, my help n my love


The darkness that took u away

I hate it

I hate that darkness

Sometimes, in your rememberance,

I want to enter into that darkness

So that we can be together again

Reunited again


Will there be happiness again

At the story’s conclusion

Or will just be an endless pain

Same as before


In a lonely night,

I hear the sound of u whisper

I still hear your voice

From the darkness

That took u away from me

U are still in this heart

Till its last beat


I lost my destiny

Without u

I don’t know where my life is going

Without u,

In your absence


But, I still hear your voice

From the darkness

17 thoughts on “I STILL HEAR IT”

    1. It an honour to receive such beautiful words, thank you so very much
      Kepp visiting my blog
      Enjoy reading and appreciating 😍


  1. Dear Nirja, This is a truly wonderful love poem of intimate feelings and yearnings! The heartfelt feelings expressed here bring tears to one’s eyes.

    This was such a moving piece that spoke to me from your seeds of inspiration and they blossomed into a new piece, my “I STILL HEAR YOUR VOICE”. I am so indebted to you for this!
    Thank you so much,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am really grateful, thank you so very much for those lovely words. It definately inspires me to write more and worthy.

      I am actually so happy, this was something I wrote like 12 years ago. And, I was like off from writing but now I having my passion for writing back again. I am really trying to write better these days.

      Keep visiting my blog. Take care

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will keep visiting! I will be looking for more beautiful seeds of inspiration! I have a number of poems on the process of writing that you might enjoy? Tell me what you think of “The Reluctant Poet”? If you like that I can dig up the title of some others!

        I find it very inspiring to sit in the darkness late at night or in the hours prior to 6 a.m. and listen to the clock tick, tocking and just let your mind wander. I like to get a start in my head and then add line upon line by reciting them outloud until I get 8 or ten lines and then write them down. I find writing with my eyes closed is helpful most of the time. The other thing is to just do “Stream of Consciousness” writing at the computer. Just write a few words and follow them like a trail to wherever your mind leads you. Just me!



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