Dear December 💓

Hey December 2022, thank you so much for countless happy memories this year~whole lot of my dreams came true. I love this year more than any other years.

Dear 2022, you hold special place in my heart. Words can’t describe my happiness I received from you. I was once a wandered lost soul now a happy one.

2022, you weren’t bed of roses still you furnished me with patience and hope and belief, I am thankful for. I still could hold on to my age old learning of hurt no one so that no one may hurt you even though there are some clouds and it seemed blue and blurry.

I seek blessings for better health, happiness and prosperity in coming years ahead. Allow me to be a better version of myself. May I get blessed with the strength of forget and forgive, for my inner peace.

Dear 2022, thanks for the memories. Entering 2023 with the same person I met in 2017, couldn’t ask for anymore.

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Not even a single face that smiles like you

I get collide with your memories again, just to get haunt away with it, as usual

never have I still been able to walk away from your memories

unknown sadness follows me with an immense desire to be with you

and the destiny which cant lets us be together, i cant utter a word for it

shall I walk my path alone or build a home out of our memories

I have been unknown wandered soul in this world of massive crowd

there’s not even a single face that smiles like you


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A Broken Song

I admit I really tried to recall my own image of past,

but it was difficult to my mind

I failed every time, with enough struggle, however there is dull remembrance of myself

sometimes, just learned the harder way


There is enough hurt, absolutely broken,

I’m one of those beautifully broken song,

either cherish me as a memory or just let me blown away as a handful of sand


When I see myself, its like my life can neither be fixed nor be scattered

wounds, injured souls, its life

nothing can break the bond of pain, the traces are still the same


Each morning when I wake up

I realize, a part of me in yesterday is already dead

I donot know, how to describe, I dnt have the particular word,

may be the right word will find me someday, but, I hope, it will not be too late


Life has knocked me down, but still, I decided to carry my burden

its a never ending beginning, just a platform for life,

I know I can rise back


There is some hope, I can still feel the magic in every sunshine while talking to myself

I hope my lips will tell me

some secret, the secret of some low cloud

and ill float away along with it, to a brighter dream,

my feet will definitely find a way


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Unfated cherished Love

I always imagined,you to give a call and wake me up in the middle of the night,just to make me hear you say“ I love you “

Imagination is a great thing ! it gives life and love, a perfect reason and if I was a fool to imagine such, I really enjoy my craziness !!!

I must have fallen in love with the imagination being with you,far, yet in love.

Imagining you is always a glorious moment, whenever I can’t get asleep,I close my eyes, I see you and get some sleep at night.

Really, some love stories are never fated to happen !!!

Just cherishing the abbreviation of it !!

– 🙂


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It’s a beautiful life_cherish it


Wake up from their sleep  – leaving behind a beautiful dream

just  to welcome a new dawn – a new day of their life

to fulfill dreams and realize expectations of life


From their window, they warmly look to the morning sun

having faith in god,

hope for something nice to happen everyday

they wake up, step out to fulfill all their promises, commitments, dreams

walk with every obstacles in their journey


Life is same everyday,

but even though, they believe in themselves and their dreams


A day goes out, if only they don’t have

any small hope to come true today

a whole day is wasted, but it’s not – rare

it is everyday’s life

it happens everyday


While trying to realize dream, but unsuccessful attempts

but it’s ok, they realize – today – this day was not meant for them

it was not their day

but, a new dawn will definitely rise, for a beautiful life


Finally, it’s getting darker, a new dusk has arrived

they come home with low heart

cover their face with the blanket and shed tears of frustration

with no one knowing

still, at this night, in the darkness

looking at the bright stars, they wipe their tears out

their face enlightens and smile flows in them with the joy in their heart

for seeing a slightest ray of hope from the twinkling stars

that tomorrow will be a better day


Again, few new dreams will rise up, will be cherished

and feel asleep with the smile of hope on their face


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A patience listener to your love tales

He loved to write


late at midnight, I lay awake

waiting for him

and there he finishes reciting his songs to me

and I smile


When I hung up the phone, deep down I am hurt

he’ll never know

I wanted him to write for me, not for her


I just couldn’t risk to look into his eyes directly,

to fall every time

for I know you’d never feel the same

and there I’m a patience listener to your love tales


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A drowned heart in the possibility of us

When you left, I wasn’t at tears

may be, I already knew, you’d leave one day

I was prepared for this heartbreak


I know, people always leave me all the time

so, leaving me was okay, i’m used to it


What hurt like a hell is making me feel unwanted

when for me, all I wanted was just you


I used to think, I was more of a home

you’d come back and never leave

but it wasn’t

when you were hurt, you came to me

seek solace and decide to leave

my heart always got drowned in the possibility of us

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Let’s stay together for a little while more

The moment when I leaned towards you

resting my head on your chest

and slept for a while

you heal all my loneliness

the sound of every single heartbeat of yours

grew in me even more love for you


this is my answer

when all you wanted to know was

what you mean to me


Let’s stay together for a little while more

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