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Greetings everyone !!!

Thank you, for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award, I am honored 💞.

I also like to thank Naiem Ur Rehman, for nominating me 💞.

Thank you Sana Mahin, for nomination 💞.

All three have beautiful blog and is really wonderful, please have a look, I bet you wont stop yourself from appreciating.

Thank yo so much for your support guys 💞

The Versatile Blogger Award?

The Versatile Blogger Award is the best of the ‘chain letter’ awards out there in the blogosphere.

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  • Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.


   7 Random Facts about me 💞 💞 💞 

  1. I have a dream to have a holiday on cruise, which I had since my childhood and till now, I am still dreaming to be on cruise. I love to see snow, again a dream since childhood, still couldn’t see.
  2. Making me feel unwanted is the feeling that takes me to the depression and I don’t like it at all.
  3. I am ice cream addicted actually. Most of my friends know about this trait of me.
  4. I love to watch romantic Korean dramas and movies which are rich in romantic tales, sometimes sad and sometimes happy romantic.
  5. I love you, Yes I, do to the maximum limit and if I don’t, I am sorry I don’t care about you any more. Whatever I do its always on a maximum limit, there is no middle ground thing for me.
  6. I love to get wet in rain and see the drizzling rain, am I stupid ?
  7. I hurt myself to be with those whom I love and still knowing the fact they don’t deserve. I always want to preserve any relationship I am connected with, even its hurting me deep inside.


Happy blogging!


nirja 💞 


Happy Mother’s Day

She’s always there by my side when life’s a bit unfair, when I’m all down, blue and torn

She picks me up and pushes me through, to make me laugh when I’m mad, to comfort when I’m sad

She is a friend who never misses any chance to show her care and affection

She is never busy to understand when I need her love and her hold

She pushes all other things aside, so that my needs won’t be denied

Love you MOM ♥ ♥ 


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A Broken Song

Beans, Pen & Nirja

I admit I really tried

to recall my own image of past,

but it was difficult to my mind

I failed every time,

with enough struggle, however there is dull remembrance of myself

sometimes, just learned the harder way

There is enough hurt

absolutely broken,

I’m one of those beautifully broken song,

either cherish me as a memory

or just let me blown away as a handfull of sand

When I see myself,

its like my life can neither be fixed nor be scattered

wounds, injured souls, its life

nothing can break the bond of pain

the traces are still the same

Each morning when I wake up

I realize, a part of me in yesterday is already dead

I donot know, how to describe,

I dnt have the particular word,

may be the right word will find me someday,

but, I hope, it will not be too late


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I like your presence,

I love talking to you

I like sitting side by side to you


In you, I have found the essence of life

I have found a love that is so true


My heart is filled with love

and it beats only for you

meeting you was the most

wonderful moment in my life


You made me feel great and pleasant

you have this world

just so beautiful

you are always there for me

in my pain and in my happiness

a sight of your smiling face

fades all my pains away



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It’s a story deeply engraved in our hearts
and it won’t be known by any one except we two

it’s a darkest fate of our love

that awaits just stolen glances

and beholden tears which could not fall even though it strongly wishes to

I long to hear your smile

yet, there is sad in heart

but griefs doesnot stop me from loving you

as I see you,

my love for you enhances

and our togetherness, I crave it for more

still knowing the fact of our

sad love story


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Friendship – the word, so pure and divine

the appreciation of life

the magic and light to life

it fills every moment with joy

its soft imagination,

fills every moment with glory


friendship is a lamp

lightened by

the oil of love, trust and faith


it is as strong and hard as stone to melt

and as soft as feather to be caught


it is a sweet responsibility

its all about

love and emotions

of friends


it’s a candle


to curse darkness


it’s a chain

which links

hearts to hearts


friendship – its meaning

is known to those people

who really wants friend in their life

and they want a friend for a life time

just not only in tears and sufferings

but in all circumstances

either in sadness or in pleasure

frens are only made

to help each other in trouble

and share happiness and enjoy it


friendship is for all

and all to those who love

to be in a  company

who donot want to be alone

and be happy always


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Sometime when I am alone

there is no one with me

I think of my dreams

I want to go to the sea shore

and feel the blow of cool air

walk in the sand

and go in the middle of the sea

play there

make small small homes of sand

and watch them


The sea is not quite

its shouting and even screaming

and I want to feel it

I want to feel its sound

so beautiful and pure

I want to see the

sea waves

which fight with each other


I want to see the sun

which goes down the sea

as if sea swallows it

I want to feel all these

the true paradise on this world


I want to jump and play in the lap of sea

I want to go to the sea shore

and feel the cool winds and its movements


I want to fly like the dove

under the sky, with winds


I want to feel the life ~ beautiful

just like the first ray of the morning sun

I want to sing and dance

with the moving clouds

and with the drops of rain


I want to get magic of love

and enjoyment of life

and a true fren

who will always support

and really care for me


Above the wave,

in the middle of my dreams

I want to welcome unreal world of love


These are only

my dreams

and my life too


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In the journey of life,

happiness were never the destination

nor any passing by station in the way


There are no smile but only the tears

there is no trust, no faith and no beliefs

there are no emotions, no dreams left

all dreams and hopes are faded away


I m in need of life to make it beautiful

looking at that empty sky, I m searching something in my life


I want to express my feelings

I’m like a flower but all dried and torn apart

I’m l a bird with injured wings, which can neither fly nor walk

I always feel the whisper of lonely moments near me


I want to live my life with someone

who really cares for me and loves me

give me happiness, a new destination to live life


I want to make my life beautiful but there is no one to care me

I’m walking alone in this journey of tears

there are only tears in my life

and few more tears


My heart is full of loneliness

even a single flower never bloom in it


Sometime, I pray to god

Oh! Life please hold me

take me to the world of happiness

this is so cruel

this time is killing me


Oh god! give me chance

just a chance to smile

just smile for a moment


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The world of love and peace

never let it

turn into hatred and destruction

let the humanity live


Let us hope for peace

and pray for togetherness

hope for humanity

and live for joy


Let us teach

the importance of peace

and spread love everywhere

and move world

in the path of peace


Let us teach

the meaning of love

and let forget hatred

and arise humanity


Let others know

the cruel meaning of hatred

and beautiful smile of love


Enjoy every moment of life with friendship and humanity


Let others learn humanity

and forget destruction

and motivate to live life

with warmth of love

in everyone’s heart


Let love spread everywhere

let people be reunited again

again n again

for a better future ~ a happy one


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